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I initially started making the character faces up of many paper cut shapes but this didnt work when it came to bringing the sections into photoshop, there was no definition between the shapes.
So instead I have used one main shape and hand drawn over the top.


This is the original scan, there isnt much detail aside for the pen and blush added in photoshop.
I think I will try paper cut features, eyes, eyebrows and beard and possibly cotton wool as a variety in texture.


This is a better design for the eyes, still not completely happy but its alot better than the hand drawn, possibly needs a few eye lashes for detail, or play around with the idea of glasses.

The paper cut beard didnt look the way I hoped, I think it needs a different texture to break up from the flat colour of the face.


Acrylic and dry brush added a nice texture, the only problem was the evidence of the black card I painted it on is left behind.
I think it works better on the eye brows than the beard, which I will have to work out later.




Im really excited by this project.

The Facts – trivial, amazing and controversial
Topic – otters
Media – paper cut



-Trivial, the hairy nosed otter

This is very early days there is a lot I want to add and change

I think my type needs to be a lot more playful and free, possible hand type or what i can only explain as tooth past type (I know what I mean :P) fluid, bold and white.

As these posters will be A2 I want to add elements of detail which will stop the poster from looking too shape based, a few more layers of texture in the water and some reeds or something in the river.

In the process of making him a fisher mans pipe and hat, how cute…