Been a bit of a hectic Easter break!
I’ve decided to make a few changes to my publication, Im saying good bye to my creepers.
After a crit with my tutor we decided that they look too alien like as opposed to a creepy looking human.
So i’ve been doing a tone of research into what sort of people I would find on the streets of London to include in my publication, this research led me to the articles in ‘Street Life in London, an old magazine/newspaper type publication featuring articles by Adolph Smith and the Photographer John Thompson.
I found an online version for those interested,

These articles included interviews with men and women working on the streets of London, it really is fascinating I recommend a look through.
Here I found a collection of the most intriguing photographs of professions I didnt even know where around, from board men to half penny ice cream sellers! 
I hope to incorporate some of these characters in my publication to get an idea of who and what was on the streets.