Apologies for the shoddy photograph.

I feel I’m nearly there!

The sharpness of the paper cut outs work a lot better for me although I couldn’t create a distressed effect like the paint I have tried to combine the two.



I actually thought this would add to the image but it looks really out of place against the clean cut line of the rest of the body.
One of my earlier thoughts was that my creepers were not human enough, so to solve the problem above I have added hands to the creepers to give them another human element.

For this is looked at the artist Rob Bliss would was one of the concept artist from the Harry Potter films. In particular I have been looking at his work on developing the dementors.

He has an extensive and beautiful portfolio, I recommend a look.

The initial drawings were that of almost mummy like figure with the most amazing crooked and elongated fingers which would be perfect for my creepers.


I am still undecided about the feet, I don’t think they would be that important in the compositions I am thinking about where the figures stand long, it could be an idea to have the figures legs off the page to emphasis hight.