My research has been strongly historical based this last week, I really need to know the story of Jack and the other characters before I can start on the images. 

It was a quote from Arthur Morrison’s Tales of Mean Streets that first promoted imagery into my head.

‘An evil plexus of slums that hide human creeping things’

I thought this was such an intense sentence of such rich image and mood setting words, especially the last three words, human creeping things.
Its almost as if he is unsure to call them humans by adding the word ‘things’ at the end as if they have de-humanised themselves, after all its not usual for a human to creep, there is something eery about the position of a creeping body that I want to capture in my images.

The images bellow was my first sketch.
I wanted to use pastels because it is such a loose medium and full of texture. It is also remnant in appearance of the soot and grim of london.
I tried to capture the shape that first came to my head when I read that reference to human creeping things, an almost animal like creature but on its hind legs as if human.