Okay so I was hoping to blog my project as I went along but you know how it is when a deadline is approaching and you go into your own world. So basically I ran out of time to blog…


My ‘amazing’ poster



After constructing my otters I decided to break up the brown with a lighter face shape, which would also highlight the hand rendered detail.
The example above was my first test but it is possible too much especially as my female otter wont have the same shape on her face.


These are my chosen shapes for the faces, the only thing I have noticed is to be consistent  with my previous poster the nose would have to be a paper cut shape.



As you can see from this images the colours of the otters is changed (this wasnt intentional but due to my scanner changing the colours) but this does actually make the detail more visible.


The most important element of the poster, the holding hands. This proved to be rather difficult but I think my final attempt does look like the paws are holding each other.


I finally made the male otter slightly darker to show a bit of contrast between the two paws and tah dah, two otters holding hands:)

In addition I hope to make some valentines cards in the same design for valentines day next year.