My final poster is a controversial fact,

It takes 25 otters to make a fur coat

I think this is almost the most important poster and possibly the hardest to convey.
My idea was to keep a consistent background so they still sit as a set and construct a coat out of otter and have it floating on the water.

To highlight the somber nature of the fact I wanted to keep the background rather still and dead so ive not included any fish or swimming otters but instead the grape vines from my first poster.



So this is the coat, I wanted to keep to using only 25 otters but this proved to be really difficult but I am really happy with my final design.
From a distance it appears to be just a coat until you get up close and see the outlines which I think is quite a shocking image as a fur coat doesnt always highlight the shapes of the animals so I guess its almost an out of sight out of mind situation. 


I finally added a layer of background colour and used the eraser tool to leave what looks like water on top of parts of the coat.
I then added bubbles to appear as if the coat is drowning under the water.

The final addition was my idea of blood oozing from the coat to highlight (to me personally) the brutally of wearing fur.
I achieved this by taking photographs of ink in water which was really fun to do, I recommend giving it a go the shapes are beautiful.