I love food, and I am always taking snaps of my scrummy creations.
It was only when I started this particular project that I started to look mainly at the eating habits of people. From the way we layout our food on the plate to how we move it around as we eat and finally how and what we leave.
I always knew I wanted to make a book and eventually ended up making three.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all containing set up photographs of meals I made and ate.
I guess it wasn’t the product I thought I would end up with in that I was mainly looking at groups of people eating and how other people ate but I found it to be

1. very awkward watching people eat and

2. I wasn’t getting the sort of feel from the shots that I wanted, the lighting was not right and in some cases the shots looked very sombre where as i wanted to show food as a happy coming together of people.

So anyways I decided to do my final shots in my room using a white table cloth and crookery so that the food was the ‘main event’
Some worked better than other but overall I love the out come.

ImageImageYou can find more shots from this project on my pinterest, take a peek:)